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"Mr. Big" Safety Slip leash- Two Inch Wide to reduce fear


"Mr. Big" Safety Slip Leash - No Choke and No Pull. Reduce Stress when handling dogs.

For Pet Owners, Veterinary Hospitals, Boarding facilities, Rescues, Shelters, Groomers and for large dogs that pull their owners.  Any time you need to handle a dog by getting a leash on and off quickly, including a marked ability to reduce pulling - this Wide Slip Leash  & attached Nylon Safety leash is for you!

Description: The "Mr. Big" Safety Slip leash is a custom made 2 inch wide secure and soft slip heavy duty leash that is standard 6 ft in length. It can be custom ordered in any length.

Indications for use: Replaces the old style, thin, and difficult to handle and remove 1/4 – 1/2 inch slip leashes (nylon or rope) that “choke” as the dog pulls. Dogs often pull very hard on these thin leashes that apply much pressure to a very small area of their neck/tracheal area.

Problems associated with thin slip leashes that can be solved with the "Mr. Big" Safety Slip leash

  1. Mildly to very uncomfortable and cause coughing, gagging and choking in dogs that pull or have partially collapsing tracheas.
  2. Do not reduce the pulling ability of the dog in most cases.
  3. Can be difficult to remove from the dog when pulled very tight. 
  4. Handler has to reach down to the dog and pull the collar off increasing time to move from dog to dog.

Advantages of the "Mr. Big" Safety Slip leash:

  1. Comfortable no matter the size of the dog – can be used on dogs from ~ 12 lb to 170 lb! 
  2. Stops coughing, gagging, and choking in most dogs, even dogs with partially collapsing tracheas.
  3. The width of this product not only increases the ability to move the leash quickly on and off, but reduces pulling power by dispersing the force over a much wider area! 
  4. The leash has been shown to reduce pull force markedly. handlers can move and walk dogs that they could not handle on standard slip leashes.
  5. It is “easy on and off” for dogs to decrease time of handling multiple animals.



Colors available: Red or Black.

Length of leash: Standard is 6 ft long, but leashes can be ordered in any custom length.

Identify your property! Embroidery: Your hospital or facility name can be embroidered in many different styles and colors on your leashes. Please inquire when you place an order: See other products samples.