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Snoot Loop Head Collars

Ms. Williams only uses this type of head collar in her practice for >25 years due to their superior performance and fit. A Snoot Loop is designed to fit very small to very large dogs, including special "B" type that fit short nose breeds comfortably! "B" type have a center head strap that keeps the nose loop in place for short nose breeds.

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The Snoot Loop head collar is the best type of head collar to give you easy, gentle control over your dog. The custom fit means your dog is comfortable and able to pant, eat, play and drink normally. Attaching a leash to the ring under your dog's chin, guides the head giving you the ability to stop your dog from pulling, lunging, barking, and biting.  To order consult the size chart below and then select your products. Thank you!

Snoot Loop Sizes & Samples of Breeds ("B" type for short-nosed breeds)

Neck loop circumference

Nose loop circumference









LARGE: very large breeds, or large heads ex.  Mastiffs, some Pits

13 in

30 in

22 in

17 in

MEDIUM: large breeds ~ 40 to 90 lb. ex.  Shepherds, Labs, Aussies, Pits

Medium"B": ex. Bulldog, some Boxers

11 in

25 in

19 in

14 in

SMALL: small-medium breeds, Cocker, Sheltie, Beagle, small terriers

Small "B": ex. Pug, French Bulldog

9 in

23 in

17 in

 11 in


PETITE: smallest breeds  Dachshund, Toy Poodle, Chihuahua

Petite "B": ex. Boston Terrier

6 in

15 in

13 in

 9 in


Due to COVID delays, it is advised that you add insurance to your products if ordering less than $50.00 worth of merchandise. Otherwise if your product is lost or delayed, the seller is not responsible for the cost of the lost or delayed item or shipping!