Dogs With Issues

Nylon Dog Leash, 6-ft. 3/4 in. wide with 3/4 in. snap designed for Small or Medium Snoot Loop

This soft six foot nylon leash is sturdy and with a lightweight snap for use with a Small or Medium Snoot Loop headcollar. Snaps attached to leashes that will be used to control a dog on a headcollar should be of a lighter weight than a snap that would control a dog on a neck collar or body harness! Snaps used for attaching a leash to collar or harness are heavier due to the force exerted from a collar or harness. A headcollar reduces the dog’s pull force and a lighter weight snap should be considered for the dog’s comfort and safety when a metal snap is attached  to a headcollar. Use of a heavy snap and leash on a headcollar can often increases discomfort as the snap “swings” under the dog’s face, increasing the dog’s resistance to control.

This leash has a swivel clip that rotates 360 degrees to prevent tangling. The leash is durable and easily cleaned by hand washing.

This size leash is used to attach to a Small or Medium Snoot Loop head collar for small up to medium/large dogs depending on the weight of the dog. For added gentle control and safety a 2nd leash with a large snap can be attached to the dog's buckle collar, back or front attach harness