Dogs With Issues

Long Line Nylon & Brass Snap Training Leashes

Keeping a line on your dog is the best way to ensure some level of control at all times. These lines can be used for training, play, and / or exercise. They can be made in custom lengths or other colors on request.

Advantages of using a long nylon web line with a brass snap rather than a cotton training line:

The lines can be used to provide much more room to sniff and play in your yard if it is not fenced or on public walks.

The lines do not rot like cotton products.

The test strength of the lines and the brass snaps is much greater than a cotton and zinc snap.

The 1/2 inch lines have small brass snaps for the smaller dogs, but are secure for a larger dog.

The one inch lines have larger brass snaps and can be easier to hold than a small line.

Blue lines are available on special order.