Dogs With Issues

Special Small Dog & Puppy Leather Collars

Unfortunately the thin 1/2" nylon collars that are nylon are not comfortable, nor secure, for small dogs and puppies!

We have custom, secure, attractive, high- quality leather collars that are 5/8" wide that are much more comfortable for your pet. Often small dogs that cough, gag, or choke when they pull on the small thin nylon collars, will not on these collars!

Other advantages:

This hand-made, sturdy leather collar can more evenly distribute the pressure on the dog's neck.

You can rivet a brass plate with the dog's information on this collar, eliminating hanging tags that can get caught on items. 

The collar is "one size fits all" from very small toy breeds to small dogs with necks up to 14" - 15". The collars are 16" in length and can be easily cut with a pair of good scissors to exactly fit your dog or puppy!

These collars can be used to gently control the pet’s head under a number of conditions when you need more security to keep the pet’s head straight ahead and away from your hand or when grooming.